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The repository includes publications, reports and written recommendations from Civil Society participation to the IDPS and New Deal processes at both country and global levels from 2010 to 2017, with coordination and hosting support from Cordaid (2012-2017) and earlier Interpeace (2010-2012). On various occasions as discussing New Deal indicators and IDPS governance during multistakeholder events, civil society offered recommendations and critiques of then in development of New Deal Instruments (fragility assessment and fragility spectrum, Indicators, Compacts) and on modalities for effective and inclusive CS participation at both country and global levels. The documents presented hereunder date from April 2010 to present date. New relevant document will be added once issued.

Available Documents

November 2018

Supporting Civil Society Engagement at times of contested spaces


Annual Report 2017: Empowering Civil Society to Build Sustainable Peace for All


September 2018

2018 International Day of Peace Statement


July 2018

CSPPS Newsletter - July 2018

English | French

March 2018

United Nations/World Bank Pathways for Peace Report - CSPPS Perspectives

English French

January 2018

CSPPS Brochure - January 2018

English French

December 2017

CSPPS Newsletter - December 2017

English | French

7+ study on Indonesia and Timor: A Forward Looking Model of Reconciliation


November 2017

The Role of Young People in Preventing Violent Extremism in the Lake Chad Basin

English French

Report – CSPPS/Cordaid & UNOY Session at Knowledge Platform Annual Conference 2017


CSPPS Annual Report 2016: Building Peace and Resilience in a Changing World

English French

August 2017

CSPPS Brochure 2017


July 2017

Summary Report – EU Partnership Forum

English | French

Newsletter Issue #2 - July 2017

English | French

February 2017

Launch of the UNSCR2250 in Sierra Leone

November 2016

Newsletter Issue #1 - November 2016
 | French

Document de plaidoyer de la Coalition de la Société Civile en RCA – Conf de Bruxelles 2016

Fragility Assessments: Where the Dialogue Needs to Go - CSPPS Perspective
English | French

October 2016

Launch of the UNSCR2250 in Nigeria

July 2016

Berlin Declaration
English | French

June 2016

The Role of the New Deal in Implementing the SDGs in FCAS 
English | French

CSPPS Statement Embracing the Global Framework for Peace

CSPPS Statement Peace and Migration
English | French

CSPPS Annual Report 2015: Towards Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
English French

Youth Peace Security and the IDPS
English | French

Gender and IDPS
English | French

CSPPS - Operationalizing the Stockholm Declaration 
English | French

April 2016

Independent Review of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

Executive Summary Independent Review of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States
English | French

CSPPS Key Points Document for the 5th IDPS Global Meeting in Stockholm
English | French

March 2016

Safeguarding Inclusivity and the Role of Civil Society in Conflict Affected States: Lessons from the New Deal for SDG Implementation. ROOM DOCUMENT for session Fragility, Conflict and Violence Forum, March 1, 2016, World Bank

CSPPS declaration for the g7+ Ministerial meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan
English | French

July 2015

Amplifying the Voice of Civil Society in Policy Processes. CSPPS Annual Report 2014
English | French

The CSPPS Brochure 2014
English | French

June 2015

Ensuring Impact and Inclusivity in Fragile States, conference report

April 2015

Tackling and Preventing Ebola while Building Peace and Societal Resilience: Lessons and Priorities for Action from Civil Society in Ebola-affected New Deal Countries
English | French

March 2015

The New Deal Implementation in South Sudan. A South Sudanese civil society perspective paper

February 2015

Post 2015, Goal 16 and Lessons on Indicators. Civil Society Perspectives from the New Deal Work on Indicators

June 2014
Gender Inequaliy, Fragility and the MDGs in South Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan

May 2014

Integrating Gender into Peacebuilding Compacts and Fragility Assessments: Insights from South Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan
English | French

April 2014

Open letter to Members of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals: Effective targets to promote sustainable peace

March 2014

Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Fragile States. CSPPS Annual Report 2013

Rethinking Gender in Peacebuilding, International Alert

January 2014

Amplifying the Chances for Stability and Peace in South Sudan

November 2013

Helping the g7+ Lead in the Post 2015 Peace and Stability Agenda

September 2013

Putting Sustainable Peace and Safe Societies at the Heart of the Development Agenda: priorities for post-2015

Civil Society Reflections on progress towards a New Deal for Somalia, "A New Deal for Somalia" meeting, Brussels

G7+: Breaking from How Things are Done, Seth Kaplan, The Broker

July 2013

Le New Deal et le role de la société civile, in KOFF newsletter 119

August 2013

The New Deal and the Role of Civil Society: critical reflections following the KOFF Policy Roundtable

April 2013

Civil Society Views on the Interim List of Indicators for the PSGs
English | French

Civil Society Views on the Interim List of Indicators for the PSG, IDPS Global Meeting

March 2013

Helping the g7+ Lead in the Post 2015 Agenda, Kinshasa g7+ Ministerial Meeting

January 2013

Joint CSO Submission to Consultation on Shared Indicators

Wicked Problems in Peacebuilding and Statebuilding: Making Progress in Measuring Progress Through the New Deal, Erin McCandless, Global Governance 19, 2013

September 2012

Bringing Peace into the post-2015 Development Framework. A joint statement by civil society organisations

August 2012

Sweetening the Deal: Adding Value to the New Deal for Fragile States through CSO Engagement, Jennifer Salahub, North South Institute

Civil Society Input on Fulfilling New Deal Commitments
English | French

July 2012

Busan and Beyond: Implementing the New Deal for Fragile States

June 2012

Summary Record of the Meeting of the Steering Group
English | French

Summary Record of the 2nd Meeting of the Sub-Group on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Indicators
English | French

International Dialogue Update
English | French

March 2012

CSO Workshop on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding and Engagement with the International Dialogue, Report by Interpeace, Nairobi

CSO Nairobi Meeting Report

CSOs and the IDPS - In Brief
English | French

February 2012

The International Dialogue Post-Busan: CSO Recommendations

Policy Brief 7 - What the Dialogue Has Not Talked About

Civil Society Space in 2011
English | French

December 2011

Policy Brief 6 - The IDP Policy Brief 6 - The IDPS Declarations and the Busan Outcome Documents

November 2011

4HLF Busan: About the Side Event: Implementing the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

4HLF Busan: About the Fragile States Building Block

4HLF Busan: About the Thematic Session on Conflict and Fragility

Busan and Beyond: CSOs on improving aid effectiveness in situations of conflict and fragility

September 2011

Civil society inputs to the Expert Meeting in Washington, D.C. on assessing progress in 'legitimate politics'

August 2011

Interpeace prepared a series of policy briefs on CSOs and the International Dialogue

Policy Brief 1 - An Introduction to the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

Policy Brief 2 - The Actors, Dynamics and Key Products in the International Dialogue

Policy Brief 3 - The Main Issues of Concern and Debate

Policy Brief 4 - Core Civil Society Messages to the International Dialogue

Policy Brief 5 - Assessing the Progress in Implementation

June 2011

Civil society inputs to the Second Global Meeting of the International Dialogue held in Monrovia, Liberia
English | French

May 2011

Civil society paper on political dialogue, input to the Political Dialogue working group meeting

April 2011

Civil society inputs to the Aid Instruments working group

April 2010

Civil society inputs to the Capacity Development working group

Remarks by João Boavida at the First Global Meeting of the International Dialogue in Dili

Civil society inputs to the First Global Meeting of the International Dialogue held in Dili, Timor-Leste
English | French