Safeguarding Inclusivity and the Role of Civil Society in Conflict Affected States

26 February 2016

The principle of inclusivity is vital to delivering the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in societies affected by conflict and fragility. Where state-society relations are weak and where state institutions lack capacity, the meaningful involvement of civil society holds a pivotal key to ensuring whole-of-society ownership and implementation of the new global goals, particularly where the building of peaceful societies is centerfold.

CSPPS will be co-organizing a panel event along with UNDP under the title: Safeguarding inclusivity and the role of civil society in the SDGs: Lessons from the New Deal. The discussion will bring together representatives from government, civil society and international partners to analyze the challenges and opportunities encountered by civil society in policy-making and implementation. CSPPS has prepared a room document that serves as a context setting paper for the World Bank session – attached here via this link.

The panel event will be organized in context of the World Bank Fragility Conflict and Violence Forum in Washington 1-3 March at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. The Forum is convened to look at how the full SDGs can be realized in fragile and conflict-affected states, with special attention to goal 16 – promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, providing access to justice, and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

You can download the Room Document Safeguarding Inclusivity and the Role of Civil Society in Conflict Affected States: Lessons from the New Deal for SDG Implementation from this link.


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