United Approach Towards Prevention of Violent Extremism: Civil Society in the Sahel-Maghreb Region issues a Declaration on the Prevention of Violent Extremism

19 December 2017

Following the inaugural meeting of the Sahel Network on Preventing Violent Extremism (SNPVE) on 27 and 28 November 2017, hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Development and Education in Africa (CSDEA) with support from the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS), the Global Centre and US State Department, Civil Society groups from the Sahel region countries issued the Abuja Civil Society Declaration on Preventing Violent Extremism.

The declaration proposes an action plan to all local, national and regional stakeholders in the Sahel and Maghreb region towards prevention of violent extremism. The Abuja declaration calls for soft approach policies in the Sahel region that encompass robust peacebuilding processes; advocates for holistic approach to justice system reforms that respects the rule of law and universal human rights; expresses support to rehabilitation and reintegration of those associated with and affected by violent extremism; proactive and sustainable community-centric approaches in developing early warning and early response mechanisms, dialogue forum, mentoring programs, civic education and counter/alternative narratives to extremist ideologies.

The inaugural meeting of the SNPVE brought together civil society actors from the Sahel-Maghreb region, which includes the Lake Chad Basin, to discuss and strengthen collaborative efforts aimed at preventing violent extremism and building peaceful societies in the region. The inaugural meeting was convened in the context of the IDPS Stockholm declaration, the UNSCR 2250, and the implementation of the recommendations of CSPPS/CSDEA research report on the role of young people in preventing violent extremism in the Lake Chad Basin.

Download Abuja Civil Society Declaration on Preventing Violent Extremism here.

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