Workstreams have been constituted within CSPPS to work specifically on issues/matters related to IDPS and New Deal implementation, such as the fragility spectrum and assessments, global engagement, and country implementation. These Workstreams are led by Co-chairs meant to prepare/draft strategic documents and policy advise either to be presented to the Platform members; as input in a specific process (e.g. for a Global Engagement Workstream Meeting) or to be circulated to wider audiences.

All Workstreams are represented in the corresponding meetings of the International Dialogue for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding.


Global Engagement/Policy

The Global Engagement/Policy workstream provides constant and up-to-date strategic advice and support to the CSPPS on its engagement with key constituencies within the IDPS and where applicable in other relevant contexts. The advice and support is given to ensure that the CSPPS responds timely, adequately, fully and where appropriate proactively to all areas that will lead to political mileage for the CSPPS and subsequently strengthen both New Deal Implementation and political buy-in of the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Agenda. An especially important goal of the Global Engagement Workstream is to adequately connect lessons learned at the local level with broader international policy dialogues.

Co-chairs: Tom Wheeler, Saferworld
                  Theophilus Ekpon, CSPPS Focal Point, Nigeria 


New Deal Instruments

The New Deal Instruments Workstream provides a space for (i) dialogue, information gathering and lesson learning around New Deal implementation and the role of its key instruments (fragility assessments, indicators, and compacts), (ii) initiation and coordination of support to CSPPS country teams around these issues, (iii) engagement in advocacy and ND policy/process shaping to ensure effective implementation of the ND. The Workstream pays specific attention to monitoring the use of agreed upon Indicators and conclusions of fragility assessments at all steps and levels of the New Deal process.

Co-chairs: Erin McCandless, Academic Director of Peacebuilding, The New School                              in New York    
                   Georges Tshionza Mata, CSPPS Focal Point, DR Congo


Peer Support and Focal point coordination

The Peer Support and Focal Point Coordination Workstream supports Country Focal Points for New Deal implementation at country level, and the development and strengthening of Country Teams. The Peer support and coordination of the Focal Points stream aims to ensure the effective contribution of civil society to the realisation of the five Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals of the New Deal, as a central stakeholder alongside national government and donors. Currently this Workstream is consolidating the input of civil society participation in the New Deal process and reporting in respect of SDGs implementation at country level. 

Co-chairs: Foday Sesay, CSPPS Country Team Member, Sierra Leone
                   Irene Esambo, CSPPS Country Team Member, DR Congo


CSPPS Co-chairs for IDPS Working Groups

Following the IDPS Global Meeting in Stockholm, CSPPS is now entrusted with the task of co-chairing the IDPS Implementation Working Group (IWG) and the IDPS Temporary Working Group (TWG).

For the first Ms. Erin McCandless is designated as CSPPS co chair (with Georges Tshionza Mata as alternate), for the TWG Ms. Deqa Hagi Yusuf Yasin is designated as co chair on behalf of the CSPPS (with James Cox as alternate).


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