Rome Prepatory Meeting SDG16

Amplified Commitments and Partnerships for Accelerated Action: Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+

Taking stock of global progress towards achieving SDG16+ is an important part of determining future focus. With SDG16 being reviewed for the first time at the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) and the SDGs being reviewed for the first time at the SDGs Summit during the opening of the 74th United Nations General Assembly, 2019 marks an unprecedented opportunity to scale up our collective efforts towards SDG16+ implementation. To contribute to this, civil society organizations (CSOs) from around the world met in Rome, Italy on 26 May 2019 in the context of the SDG16 Conference (Rome Conference) after a series of in-depth consultations, convened by UNDESA, IDLO, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy in preparation for the 2019 HLPF. The resulting Civil Society outcome document –Amplified Commitment and Partnerships for Accelerated Action: The Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+ (Rome Declaration) – highlights key civil society priority areas, recommendations, and an urgent call-to-action to achieve the real transformative potential of SDG16+.

As civil society, we call on all actors, including Member States, UN bodies, multilateral agencies, donors, the private sector, CSOs, think tanks, research institutions, and others to collectively accelerate and increase efforts across all relevant SDG goals and targets to address structural inequalities, gendered, racial, and other forms of discrimination, and violence. These forms of exclusion and marginalization are structural obstacles to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda that must be addressed for its realization.

Civil Society organizations are encouraged to share this declaration with their membership for wider dissemination, endorsement and sign-on. You can endorse the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+ here.

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