Positive Peace for Ethiopia is a youth-led Civil Society Organization based in Addis Ababa. Our mission is to create a harmonious and just society through empowerment, education, and community engagement. With chapters across rural regions and university networks, we empower youth to drive positive change.

Guided by values of empowerment, inclusivity, and transparency, we equip young individuals with conflict resolution skills, transforming challenges into opportunities. Collaborations with civil society groups and partners amplify our impact.

Through initiatives like the Entoto Peace Walk, Peace Ambassadorial Programs, and digital education, we're shaping a future where peace thrives. Our work spans conflict resolution, peace education, and human rights, reflecting our dedication to a harmonious Ethiopia.

At Positive Peace For Ethiopia, we're igniting youth-driven change, forging a brighter future for Ethiopia. Join us in building a society that embraces justice, equity, and lasting peace

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Positive Peace for Ethiopia - Chalachew Worku