Tiro Association for Arts (TAA) is dedicated to fostering increased engagement in arts and culture within local communities, transcending the boundaries of prevailing political and religious contexts. More precisely, TAA was established with the fundamental belief that these communities possess the ability to communicate their expressions through art, serving not only as a mirror to their identities, but also as a platform to depict the challenges and issues faced by both their respective communities and the broader Lebanese society.

TAA's core objective is the creation of unrestricted and autonomous cultural spaces, bringing together young individuals from diverse social, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Our mission revolves around mobilising youth, motivating them to explore avenues of creative self-expression through performing arts, fostering the development of essential life skills, and facilitating the free articulation of their perspectives. This transformation positions them as agents of social change and decision-makers, contributing to the enhancement of more cohesive communities.

Throughout its 15-year journey, TAA has been able to reopen 4 old cinemas that were abandoned and destroyed in the past during the civil war, orchestrated a range of initiatives, including theatre workshops, scriptwriting sessions, handicrafts training, fine arts training, contemporary dance classes, and traditional folk dance (dabke) training, all tailored for children and youth. Additionally, the association extends specialised artistic training programs designed for women and individuals with special needs. These initiatives aim to empower their roles within society and equip them with newfound skills.

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Tiro Association for Arts (TAA) - Kassem Istanbouli