The membership of Cercle.Dev (Cercle de Réflexions et d'actions pour un Développement local innovant) expands the CSPPS network to a new Sahelian country, Niger. Welcoming her representative Maimou Wali and establishing linkages with civil society in Niger is of strategic relevance for CSPPS participation in the Just Future Alliance

This volunteer organisation, centred around the three values of transparency, respect and solidarity, has experience in lobby and advocacy, research, policy analysis, and capacity strengthening. Their vision of ‘’an active and responsible youth, which produces added value in a Sahel where life is good’’, is implemented through three areas of intervention in Niger: socio-economic, peacebuilding and citizenship

Having a specific focus on youth, Cercle.Dev works especially for the prevention of radicalisation and commitment to violent extremism, in the tri-border regions: Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. Equipping young people with the instruments to play a positive role in the community undermines the recruitment capacity of extremist groups. Therefore, working with young people on capacity strengthening projects such as developing strategies to become self-sufficient helps curbing violent extremism in the Sahel. Along with youth, Cercle.Dev tries to empower women by setting up safe spaces to strengthen their leadership and self-confidence and equip them to also participate in peacebuilding, social cohesion, and other civic actions in their communities. Overall, Cercle.Dev in Niger is committed to create opportunities for dialogue which helps build trust in authorities and collaborate in the fight against violent extremism in the Sahel.

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Cercle.Dev Maimou Wali