Timor Leste

FONGTIL is an organization founded by non-government organizations in 1998. It is non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan and is composed of 380 members of NGO around 13 districts: local, national & International; 24 networks at national and district levels; International NGOs Platform and Network in the Regional and International Level.

FONGTIL's mission is to work with and support its member organizations to:

  • Promote and advocate in all sectors for the wellbeing and interests of all Timorese citizens;
  • Work towards ensuring that the people of Timor-Leste are free from all forms of injustice, including poverty, exploitation and discrimination, and have the opportunity to participate openly and freely in the political and democratic decision-making process;
  • Support and strengthen the NGO sector to be an effective voice for all Timorese citizens,  especially the most vulnerable members of our community.
Map of Timor Leste

“Being part of CSPPS has enabled me to work with some of the world’s most experienced and dedicated civil society peacebuilders. As a platform for us to engage with government decision makers on peacebuilding issues, CSPPS is without peer.”

James Cox
Peacifica, Australia

Country Team

National Focal Point
FONGTIL - Elizabeth Lino Araujo

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