Country Profiles

CSPPS supports coordinated local civil society engagement in the implementation of New Deal for engagement in fragile states; strategic support is provided through consultations with the civil society representative at country level. The Country Team is supported in processes related to New Deal implementation. The goal is to provide timely and consolidated civil society inputs on development of fragility assessments; country-specific and shared global indicators to measure progress toward peacebuilding and statebuilding goals.

Country level is where the essential work around the New Deal implementation process is performed by peacebuilding, statebuilding and development stakeholders.

Civil Society coalitions provide necessary voice and representation on behalf of the intended beneficiaries of the New Deal, the people of fragile and conflict-affected countries. Civil society is represented in the New Deal process by the Country Team coordinated by a Focal Point organization supported by CSPPS in the following countries:

Note: CSPPS Country Reports are frequently updated & Content of CSPPS Country Information Sheets is only accessible to CSPPS members


g7+ countries:

Non-g7+ Countries

More information on civil society engagement by country will be available soon on dedicated country pages reporting the experience, achievements and challenges of Civil Society in its participation to the New Deal process.

Civil society representatives update CSPPS on Civil society engagement by sharing experience, achievements and challenges of Civil Society in its participation of the New Deal process. These regular updates are vital to CSPPS to keep track of recent developments in any of the countries where the Platform is active. More information on the civil society experience is available on the dedicated country pages including but not limited to: 

  • Recent engagements with other key New Deal stakeholders;
  • New opportunities as well as potential spoilers that block advancement of processes;
  • Current status of and environment in which CS is working towards ND-implementation; 
  • Actions or planned interactions with the Government or donor representatives;
  • Information of other relevant civil society actors in countries and how these relate to the New Deal process in-country.